Monday, 1 August 2011

Pretty and Pink!

Hello all,

I hope all my Canadian friends are having a lovely long weekend....and everybody else is having a great Monday work day!

I was browsing through my pinterest boards and thought I would share some of my favorite "pretty" and "pink" pics!!

This is definately pretty and pink!
I am 100% making this for my little girl!!

I just love this livingroom, What a great bachelorette pad...or married with kids pad!!! may have some but kissing to do though!

So beautiful and elegant powder room...

I need this sheet set in my life!!

I think they would look perfect in this bedroom!

I feel like I would always eat healthy in this

I also think I would be extra organized if I had a chalkboard wall behind this super cute pink desk...haha...maybe for about a week...

Clearly these flowers would be on my pink desk

a fabulous guest room

and another...

Such a charming little abode..

the cherry on top would be this Fabulous pink door!

A girl can dream cant she?
Life is a gift...and we make our own reality

Hope you enjoyed my little getaway..

until next time..

Goodbye from The East Coast

Sunday, 24 July 2011

My taste

I was browsing at and came across some really beautiful decorating inspiration!!

I Fell in love with this bedroom!!! So pretty..clean ande bright.

Love the white walls and crisp and beautiful!

I would love to curk up with a good book in this amazing bed!!

Sexy Bed!!

Love the simplicity of this bathroom.

I would Love to get locked in this room!! of red wine...

Thats all for tonight from the east coast....Hope you get some inspiration like I did!

Goodnight from the East Coast


Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Saturday at the Market

Hello again
I hope you have all been as lucky as myself and had a wonderful weekend!
I had a relaxing Friday night, went to bed early like a good girl.
Saturday I got up early did some yard saling then went to the market in a charming little town called Sackville in New Brunswick.
I had never gone to this particular market before, and I'm here to tell you that I dout I will be missing to many Saturday mornings at the market this summer!

I Loved the atmosphere in the air....and the music in the background..

The street was lined with local produce,

interesting and beautiful crafts,

Making yarn....really neat..

It was misting out a little so she had to keep the yarn under the table so it wouldn't get wet, she told me she would have to take it home ...unravel it all and hang it to dry so it wouldn't go bad because it is a natural fiber.

I thought these were really neat..

I got my hands on some freshly made sushi for a little snack

I Made my way over to the cutest little shop ever. This place was filled with litttle treasores!!!

Sooo much to look at,

On my way out I passed some interesting reading ;)

On my way to the camp to relax with some wine and goodies....

Have a great night!

Ciao from the East Coast