Monday, 7 September 2015

Re Finished Antique Hutch Project

This was Given to my Great Aunt and Uncle over 70 years ago for a wedding gift....

It was painted Brown by them years ago.....
and lets just say it wasn't the prettiest colour or best paint job!!
This is a pic after the paint had been stripped off.

I decided to paint it......Guess what Colour!!!..... Yup....WHITE!!!

Here is the start of my project...

Looking back I remember I was just going to do a little "Test" strip of paint.....I didn't even empty it out!!!! Guess I was pretty pumped to get this started!! Considering It's been on the back burner for about 4 years!!

This is with the inside painted....I bought a house in may and made sure this was at the top of the list to finish up because I wanted to use it in my office.

Well taking a closer look....I think its best to say this is after only one coat of paint on the inside...oops..

I also found these beautiful knobs at Home Depot to put on the drawers and doors...


and the finished product.....

Ok ...So this is not a great picture.....But you get the idea! I love how it turned out!!

I will be showing this again in my home tour I plan on doing when I have everything settled and a couple projects completed :)

Until Next time!!

Cheers from the East Coast!!


My New Shabby Little Cottage on the Ocean !!!

It's Been a LONGGGG Time since I've been on here!!!

I've had quite a year so far and thought it would be a good time to get back in the saddle!

I bought a House in May and am in the process of buying a COTTAGE!!! :)
Its going to be a work in progress but I'm excited and looking forward to the challenge!

This is my shabby little Cottage on the Ocean :)

As you can see I wasn't joking when I said it was Shabby!! and a work in Progress!! haha
It currently has no running water, septic is not hooked up and it has no power!!
Needless to say I'll be roughing it for the first bit until I get some work done!

The inside has a tiny bedroom and one main room that will be the kitchen and living room


Living room / Kitchen....

I have a few cute things that my mom got at a yard Sale that I'm going to refinish and make all Purrdyyy :)

As you can see I have a thing for white!!

And....I made my first decoration for outside :)

I also have two of these chairs to take..


Well that's it for today! I will post all my projects and the whole process of making this shabby little cottage by the sea into my very own little piece of heaven!!

Until Next time!