Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday Treasures

Happy Saturday Ladies n a few Gents (wink wink)

I got up early this morning had some coffee then ventured off to check out the yard sales.

Oh how I love yard sales!!!

I found this really interesting print...

I was told that it means "less talk more work"

I also found a couple cute little bottles

So cute.

I also found this old record player for 15 bucks!!! I have records! haha

Now before I went yard Saling I had to get some comfortable new sandles...

I just love them:)

and last but not least Mr.Nova Scotia got himself a nice Father Day gift....

I thought I would try it out

Clearly this garage...AKA Man Cave..could use a good cleaning!!
Oh well ...boys will be boys!

I hope you all are having a lovely Saturday!

Cheers from Nova Scotia

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My new treasures and a dash of pretty white shoes

Happy Wednesday!

Today in Nova Scotia land its rainy n dreary, Has been all week.
I have never seen so much rain in Spring before!
I have been making the best of it, but my floors are suffering in a big way.
I am seriously considering getting me some fancy new Hunter rain boots! I'm thinking red or yellow would do...or maybe they would be a bit bright to wear anywhere but in my garden...hmmmmm, I'll think on that one.

This past weekend we went on a camping trip, packed up our kyaks, dog and little one and headed for a nice sparkling lake. I am an ocean girl mind you..but I couldn't help but enjoy the calm of this lake.
In saying all of beverages I was treating myself with must have distracted me from getting pics of the beautiful lake.

I did however get some of the 2 new friends my doggy Sandy met...

No camping trip is complete without some roasted marshmelllooooooos

I will be sure to be better at capturing some of the beauty during my next weekend getaway in Beautiful Nova Scotia.

I recently was given some new treasures

I am so happy to finally have something to keep my little trinkets and keep sakes in.

I got all of these bottles from my back yard!! can you beleave it!..
We were going for a hike in the woods..AKA (our back yard) and found all of these random old bottles.

My other new treasure is this little cabinet

How lovely is this ol thing??

I'm thinkin a splash of white on this beauty and some glass knobs will do the trick.

Speaking of white I shot a pic of some pretty whites in my hallway this evening....Oh the simple things in life that make me smile...

A girls best friend!!

Well my friends wherever you are ..I hope you will have, are having or had a lovely Wednesday!

Until next time goodbye from Nova Scotia.