Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dreaming in White....
Something about the colour white that makes me feel relaxed....It's so pure and clean. I thought I would show you some of my favorite "white" pics Ive found online...... When I look at this picture I can see myself relaxing with a great book here!!! I might be drinking a class of wine as well.....
Sooo pretty!!
I thought this was a great idea! In fact i'm going to do this when I move into my new place this week!!.....maybe going down the basement stairs.
I just love this office!! cup of coffee....blogging it up!! hehe.....
This chair will do!! Soooo beautiful!!
Of course I would be wearing dresses like these!!!
and over them I would wear jackets like these.....
After im all dressed for a night on the town.....I would go to a beautifully decorated party..
maybe c couple glasses of.....
Ahhhhhhh......if only...... After my wonderful day was over I would run to this beautiful room!!!!
goodnight from the East Coast!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pretty and Pink!

Hello all,

I hope all my Canadian friends are having a lovely long weekend....and everybody else is having a great Monday work day!

I was browsing through my pinterest boards and thought I would share some of my favorite "pretty" and "pink" pics!!

This is definately pretty and pink!
I am 100% making this for my little girl!!

I just love this livingroom, What a great bachelorette pad...or married with kids pad!!! may have some but kissing to do though!

So beautiful and elegant powder room...

I need this sheet set in my life!!

I think they would look perfect in this bedroom!

I feel like I would always eat healthy in this

I also think I would be extra organized if I had a chalkboard wall behind this super cute pink desk...haha...maybe for about a week...

Clearly these flowers would be on my pink desk

a fabulous guest room

and another...

Such a charming little abode..

the cherry on top would be this Fabulous pink door!

A girl can dream cant she?
Life is a gift...and we make our own reality

Hope you enjoyed my little getaway..

until next time..

Goodbye from The East Coast

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My taste

I was browsing at and came across some really beautiful decorating inspiration!!

I Fell in love with this bedroom!!! So pretty..clean ande bright.

Love the white walls and crisp and beautiful!

I would love to curk up with a good book in this amazing bed!!

Sexy Bed!!

Love the simplicity of this bathroom.

I would Love to get locked in this room!! of red wine...

Thats all for tonight from the east coast....Hope you get some inspiration like I did!

Goodnight from the East Coast