Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Is there anything better than Puppy Love??

Hello ladies n Gents,

I was sitting on my deck this evening with my little girl chatting in our new muskoka chairs...when all of a sudden my dog Sandy (who is wayyy to big to be a lap dog) JUMPS on me for a cuddle!! It was so funny and random! So of course we had ta have a photo session...hehe

Now this my friends is a happy healthy content and loved doggy named Miss Sandy....funny how animals arent able to speak or tell you they love you...yet they show nuthin but love...I think we could all probably learn a lesson or two from them!

then the little one needed in on the action..hehe

:) 2 smiling faces!

just had to share a cpl of these cute puppy love pics:)

P.S I just love love love feedback

have a great night all,

until next time...

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