Thursday, 9 June 2011

Me n Mine...and everything that makes me smile

Hello there ladies..n Gents

I have been busy as a little bee these days!
Spring always gets me going after a long cold winter.
I've been getting rid of old junk, clothes, toys even dishes!
Oh and lets not forget about my pretty garden, That my friends had been a job to get weeded and all pretty again.
I went out tonight to yake a cpl pics of it in the early stages, I have some flowers finally!!!! I also have two lilac trees, a white one and a purple one,as well as 5 apple trees. All of the apple blossome are comming out and look so pretty...and the smell is heaven.

I have been going to the beach alot collecting beach glass and old driftwood, I just love that crap hehe!

My lilacs...Wish you cold smell them!!

This little flower came from my garden.

I have also discovered Pinterest and LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
I get lost for HOURS on this site!!
check out my Boards

It's Thunder and lightening here in Nova Scotia tonight.
I wish I had a better camera to get some pictures for you to pretties, I will have one!

Well enjoy your evening wherever you all are :)

Peace n Love to all

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