Monday, 2 May 2011

Make over Project for my mom part #1

My mom got this stand a few years back and it has never been in all that good of shape. landed at my house and I honestly have no where to put it. I've decided to give it a make over for her, and give it to her for a mothers day gift! It used to have a door on the bottom but it got wet and the materials have seporated and can no longer be used.....also I need to figure out something for the top of it as the board is missing. She will love it!! When I have it all finished Im going to take it to her camp where she will find it all pretty and new :)

Im going to fix it as best i can...sand it and paint it white! I LOVE white painted furniture!!

Now I know I doesn't look like much rite now.....BUT It will be wonderful when Im done! :)
I think anything with a fresh coat of paint can look beautiful! I painted my bathroom vanity a while back and LOVE it!

My bathroom is my favorite room in my house, Ill get some good pictures of it soon, I keep my basins that I collect in there....just love them :)

My mom bought me all of these, she finds them at yard sales and flea markets.

Well thats all for tonight! I need to go make my list of supplies to get that corner shelf fixed up!

Until next time!

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