Sunday, 1 May 2011

What makes me tick

I decided to start this blog to share what inspires me and makes me happy and Healthy.
I LOVE Cottage style decorating! It's amazing how our surroundings can change how we feel! I LOVE white! It's so clean and calm to me. I am in the process of giving myself and my home a face lift!
My face lift is loosing 30lbs, My house Face lift is clearing out the clutter and getting organized and decorated so that I am in complete bliss when I walk through the door every night.

I Love antiques! old chairs, tables with the paint all chipped, bottles, buckets, quilts, I could  go on and on!! I also love beach glass. I live about a 10 min walk from the ocean and enjoy going for walks on the beach and collecting beach glass.

I have a ton of little make over projects that I want to do as well! Everyday I will do my best to get SOMETHING done and will share it on here.
For now I am going to head to bed! 5:00am comes early!

Health and Happiness to you,


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