Sunday, 10 July 2011

Finally finished one of my chairs!!!

Hello again!

You might remember in one of my older posts that I was re finishing an old chair....

I Loved the chairs to begin with but they were kinda dingy and dark looking.
Soooo I decided to start a project.

This is how it looked before....

Told ya....Its not the best lookin old chair but has lots of promise!!
To begin I took off the old cushion...


Then started stripping off the old stain....

These are my supplies..

and this is my stripped chair

Once I got the hang of it, everything went a little faster.

THEN, I got out the ol WHITE paint!!!! (this is my favorite part)

I painted the chair all up and re covered my chair cushion....

Drum roll Please.....

LOVE LOVE LOVE How this turned out!!!

Please leave me a not to tell me what you think!!

Now to relax after all that hard work!!

Ahhhh the life!

Good bye for now from the East Coast


  1. love it. what a talent. dropping by to follow.

  2. i love this style as well..but haven't even started in my home...16 years later....
    i hope your site will give me some inspiration

  3. Amazing! Great job on that chair.