Monday, 4 July 2011

This messy room!!!

Hello again!

I don't want to be the complaining mommy here .....BUT...have you ever speant forever cleaning and purging your childs room so it can be all clean and cozy for them to play and relax and be safe and happy.....then


This is what it looks like the next day??????.....

So how did the curtains get on the floor??

How does such a thing take place?...

What does one do to organize this little girls room???....

lol...I've already gotten rid of all kinds of junk!!

but clearly I need ta head on back up with the feared garbage bag...haha
Anyhooo ....was just wondering I the only person with a child that has the abulity to make such havock on a pretty pink room???

Stay tuned for the part two....Ima goin back up the stairs to get started.

Goodnight from the East Coast

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