Sunday, 1 November 2015

My Favorite Halloween Pics 2015

Happy Halloween...I Mean LATE Halloween!!
Here are a few of my Favorite Halloween Pics in

 Love these Pretty Candy Apples!!.....

I did a practice run on my Daughter a few weeks ago just for fun :) Turned out pretty cute!! Meoww!

Then....When It came time for the Halloween Party we decided to Create a Spooky Pumpkin Look!...... Took about 1.5 Hours...This is my favorite! I might have missed my calling ;)
How cute is this Black and White Treat Table?? I found this on Pinterest
Pumpkin Bling!!
This was my first Halloween in my new home. I was expecting about 75 Kids and ended up getting 96!!!!
Last year at my old place I don't think I had 20!! Its a good thing I had lots of extra treats!
The next few pictures I found online....Some a LONGGGG time ago and some more recent, Most from Pinterest

How Pretty is this?? Love Love Love it!
More Pumpkin Bling
My little Pumpkin Display in my Entry way....Naturally they are White!! My Favorite Colour!!
For Treats I gave out Chips, Chocolate Bars, Jolly Rancher candies and Play Dough ...... My house never got "Egged" so I'm guessing the Kids Liked them!!
Well Time to Dismantle the Halloween Garb and enjoy less clutter until Christmas stuff comes out!!
Until Next Time!!
Cheers from the East Coast   xox

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